Applicants of varieties/ breeders/ maintainers:

Taking into account the occurrence of weather anomalies in recent years related to climate change and the need to meet the optimal sowing dates for individual species and the establishment of official COBORU experiments, both in terms of DUS and VCU, the Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU) has decided to change the deadlines for the delivery of seed samples for official testing.

Currently, these issues are regulated by the Decree No 4/2023 of the COBORU Director of January 10, 2023 on the varieties seed material quantity necessary for DUS (distinctness, uniformity and stability) testing and VCU (value for cultivation and use) assessment, as well as the dates of its delivery to COBORU experimental units

In some species the requirements for quantities of seed material have also been updated, and in fruit plant species the phytosanitary requirements to be met by nursery material.

We kindly suggest you to read the above-mentioned decree and respect the set deadlines for the delivery of seeds to the designated COBORU experimental units.

Missing the deadlines for the delivery of seed to the experimental units designated by COBORU, indicated in the decree, will lead to exclusion of a variety from testing in a given experimental season.

Variety Testing System
and Variety Recomendation

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