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X Working Seminar on Statistical Methods in Variety Testing – presentations.

- A. Lacka, R.A. Bailey - Planning of generally balanced nested row-column designs for near-factorial
- A. Gauffreteau, G. Grignon, P. Pachot, J. Lorgeou, F. Piraux, F. Maupas, H. Escriou, C. Pontet, F. Salvi - Assessing the predictive
- A. Roberts, I. Nevison - Predicting distinctness decisions under heterogeneity
- A. Roberts, K. Kristensen - Development of an improved Combined-Over-Year Uniformity Criterion
- B. Kowalczyk, W. Pilarczyk - The influence of reduction of the number of measurements on decision concerning distinctness
- B. Zawieja, A. Szczepańska-Alvarez - Comparison of Bennett test and Miller test based on the simulated data
- D. Hampel, J. Janova, J. Hartmann -Planning and evaluating VCU experiments
- E. Gacek - General information on plant variety testing, registration, legal protection and recommendation in Poland
- J. Forkman, H.P. Piepho -Robustness of the simple parametric bootstrap method for testing multiplicative terms in AMMI models
- K. Górczak, K. Klamecka, A. Szabelska, J. Zyprych-Walczak, I. Siatkowski - RNA-Seq plant data analysis
- M. Studnicki , W. Mądry , K. Noras, E. Gacek - Using linear mixed models to assess winter wheat cultivars
- P.Bagot, S.Lassalvy, V.Gensollen, B.Richard, A.Lucciani - Management of the French VCUS registration rules using genetic progress
- R. A. Bailey - Designs for variety trials with very low replication
- S. Lassalvy, V. Gensollen, B. Richard, V. Cadot, H. Escriou - Notions of variety stability and tools for the description
- T. Caliński, S. Czajka, Z. Kaczmarek, P. Krajewski, W. Pilarczyk, I. Siatkowski, M. Siatkowski - On two approaches to the analysis
- P.C. Rodrigues - A weighted AMMI algorithm to study genotype-by-environment interaction and QTL-by-environment interaction