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The national list is kept for varieties of cultivated plant species, except for varieties used for ornamental purposes.
The Polish National List (NLI) is an official document containing the agricultural, vegetable and fruit plant varieties whose seed/nursery material is eligible for production and marketing in Poland, as well as, in addition in case of agricultural and vegetable plant varieties of, on the European Union territory after their admission to the Common Catalogue.

Currently, varieties of 179 cultivated plant species are covered by national listing, including: 93 agricultural plant species, 58 vegetable plant species, 28 fruit plants as well as varieties of cultivated plant species traditionally grown in Poland, having different utilization types as well as being of importance for landscape shaping and sustainable agriculture, called traditional varieties.

Moreover, conservation varieties of agricultural and vegetable plants as well as amateur varieties (with no intrinsic value for commercial crop production) of vegetable plants are also admitted to the NLI.

* Important! 
Visitors to this site are warned that the internet version of the lists does not have any official status. The following Polish National Lists of Varieties, issued each year by COBORU, remain the only official publications